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Wedding Party Jobs

Hey everyone,

I'm Lisa and I'm new here - got engaged October 24th :) I'm in Houston, Texas and I'm in grad school so I really haven't gotten to do much to plan yet. However I do know of one area in which I'm going to need help:

I have a LOT more friends than my fiance so we're having to limit bridesmaids. What are some really neat, special, creative jobs for girls in the wedding party? I have a couple people who will be doing readings, I hope, and I dont' think I'll need cake cutters and punch servers because I'll have caterers. What is something someone might be honored to do?


NoVA/DC/MD Brides

Hi again everyone,
This question is for the NoVA/DC/MD brides in the group.

My mom lives in Fairfax, VA and I'm going to be visiting her in the middle of September. I was debating about visiting some of the bridal shops up there to try on dresses and I'm wondering if there are any shops up there that have samples of plus size dresses to try on.

I'm a 22/24/3x in off-the-rack stuff and I can't see trying to get into a dress that I can't get past a thigh.

Also, if you aren't sure but you enjoyed your experience at the shop, share the name of the shop. I'm more than willing to hunt down their contact information to call or email them.

Thanks! :c)

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Cutesy "Bride" Tanks

So, I've been seeing these cute little overpriced tank tops with "BRIDE" emblazoned across the bosom in a sparkly cursive type script but I haven't been seeing them in a size to fit me. Until today. I came across the Kiyonna Klothing store (http://www.kiyonna.com/plus-size-clothing/To_Be_Wed_Wear) and they have one in a 22-24 but all the others are a 0X for a size 10-12.

I like the tank with the little jewels that spell out "BRIDE" and I'm wondering - is there somewhere I can just buy a transfer and make my own "BRIDE" tank top? Iron-ons I understand and are easy but if it is more difficult than that, I'm going to need some instructions :c)

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(no subject)

Hi, first time commenter. Looks like the comm doesn't get much traffic lately. 

Anyhow, I have this 15% off Igigi.com coupon code. It expires August 14, 2008, and there's no way I'm going to use it. I recently bought the Maya dress in coral (aside: LOVE it!) and I'm pretty much tapped out for non-wedding related purchases for awhile.  They have some lovely dresses, suitable for engagement parties or honeymoons, and 15% is a pretty good chunk on some of the more expensive items. 

If you want it, leave a comment.  Thanks!

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Crazy Advice

Hello lovely ladies...I could use some advice. I am planning a wedding for late fall or early winter and want a cute indoor luau thing....make me forget about midwest winters.. Anyway, my fiancee and I want a roast pig and already I have heard rude comments from the (ex)caterer stating" "there gonna be enough pig...you look hungry" I took offense and found a new caterer...Have any of you gotten nasty comments from caterers or wedding cake studios? I would love ideas on how to respond to ignorant banter!
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Flower Bouquet

Any suggestions for the flower bouquet? My wedding day is coming soon!!! Next Friday April 11th. I can't wait!
I have a round belly and I think a little round bouquet is not going to help. I have not idea.
As I said before, here I don't have a lot of help.
Can someone give me some ideas what would be the best shape for a bouquet?
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Wedding "advice"

I just got engaged a few weeks ago and already I am being inundated with advice about how to lose weight for my wedding.
There seems to be such a focus on starving yourself and being "skinny" for your wedding day. My friend that got married a year ago went on all these weight loss plans and most of my friends feel the same way: that you must be a skinny bride.
I personally don't agree with this but am having trouble finding strength to resist these comments. I'm sure a lot of you have had similar unwanted "advice" from friends. How did you react to this?

Informal dresses in NYC

For those of you looking for an informal dress, Lisa of the amazing Brooklyn plus size boutique Lee Lee's Valise just emailed me to say that she'll be getting this dress in ivory and pale blue starting in April. (Now that's service -- I tried on the same dress in green in November, and she remembered to let me know it was coming in in wedding-y colors. Lisa's amazing.) Lisa says she talked Tadashi into cutting these for her -- I don't know how much truth there is to that, but I think it's quite possible that it's the only place you'll be able to get these dresses this season (other colors are on sale several places), and it's really as beautiful as it looks. In general, Lee Lee's Valise is definitely worth a look if you live in or are visiting NYC, and especially if you're interested in a floaty dance frock as a reception or rehearsal dress.

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Latina Fatbride

Thanks for approving my profile.
I am a Latina Girl from South America, I am getting married on April.
My fiancé is wonderful, we love a lot, and his family cares a lot for me.
BUT, my family!!!?!?!?! OMG! They freak out because the fat girl is getting married.
I feel like Tula in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
Then when we go to pick some fabrics she gives sorries to the people, --"Yeah, she is fat, but she is getting married with a good boy, Sorry,......Well...... she is trying to lose weight"
I am tired of this! My sister my mom and her cousins are mean!
But my dad is dreaming to give me a beautiful party in a wonderful hotel with a big band and more.
Nor to say about designers here!!!
I went to one to ask her to make my dress, and I found myself with 5 persons around me telling me how fat I was and how hard it is to make a dress for me.
They even wanted to charge me double the price because I AM FREAKING FAT!
Girls you are in a Glorious place. HERE in South America it is hell for FAT BRIDES!
I am so glad I am moving to USA next year.
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